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June 2023


We are pleased to inform you that we applying a 50% discount to June's payment. We want you and your family to know that we appreciate your trust in us and your loyalty this school year. The September 2023 will open in mid-June. Thank you for a wonderful year!


Registration will begin upon receipt of this application & payment in full.   


After School Latchkey Information

Time: 2:35 PM - 5:45 PM 

Days: Monday - Friday- when school is in session

(After School Latchkey will not operate on ½ days of school- PT Conference ½ days) 

Cost: $208.35 per month, per child- payments are made by CREDIT CARD only through our Edlio School Website Form on our www.ps23r.org website. 

Payment Due: by the 5th of each month


Description: Children will complete homework with supervision and assistance when needed, and participate in recreational sports, arts & crafts, outdoor play, movies, and recreational play with friends.


Some Helpful Hints:

  • Children should have their own snack from home each day. Make sure they know to save this snack for Latchkey time. 

  • Payments need to be made promptly and by the due date. If payment is not made, your child cannot attend the program. Specialized payment requests can not be honored or offered. 

  • Parents must pick up on time each day, by 5:45 PM. Each time you are late, parents will be required to sign a lateness log. After three recorded latenesses, you will be asked to withdraw from the program. 

  • When picking up EVERYONE must show identification. All people picking up must be at least 18 years of age and on your child’s Emergency Home Contact Card.  Make sure you have adequate alternate people listed on the card. Please remember this when filling it out for the year. 

  •  If you need to contact the Latchkey program during Latchkey hours, please dial extension 1000 when prompted, if calling the school. 



  • We expect your child to behave at all times and to follow the rules of the morning/ after school programs.  

  • Any student who exhibits repeated (two or more) incidents involving, hitting/physical aggression, foul language, threatening/bullying will be subject to consequences not excluding immediate removal by the Latchkey staff. 

  • Any student who persistently creates an unsafe situation for themselves, other students, or adults who supervise the programs will be subject to consequences not excluding immediate removal.

Student's Information

Parent's Information

I am registering my child for the After School Latchkey Program for June 2023 and agree to the program terms and agreement highlighted above. *
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Afternoon Latchkey Payment 

Price: $100.00
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